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Last weekend, with no snow to ski tour on and feeling a bit depressed as even the Rockies were getting pounded, some friends and I thought a trail run up Mt Si would be fun. Running, or jogging, nearly 4000 vertical feet is never easy, but the views of Mt Rainier and surrounding Cascade peaks [...]

A friend just forwarded me a link to some winter photographs taken up at Mt Baker yesterday. The images, showing about two inches (!) of snow up near Artist Point, could very well be (or could they?) indicative of a big winter in the Pacific NW. This is good news, no great news, not only [...]

I’ve heard it before, really, as I’m sure anyone who has paddled in ocean swells and prefers the aroma of salty air over the rush of white-water, has too. Mention the word sea kayaking to anyone who has never actually done it, and I’m sure you’ll get a similar response. Little do they know how [...]

Photographs from Hobuck Beach, Cape Flattery and Shi Shi Beach on the Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Mountains provide a picturesque background for anyone living in Seattle. Often cloaked in clouds, when they appear, especially in winter, they lure you in with a mysterious attraction. Olympic National Park, at almost one million acres, is nearly 95% wilderness and boasts glacier-clad peaks, desolate beaches and the last remaining temperate rain forest [...]

I truly want to support businesses that feed my habits, which mostly include, but are not limited to, cycling, backcountry skiing and hiking. Unfortunately for me, these are all somewhat gear-heavy sports…I like gear and that’s a problem because gear is also expensive. So most of the time I just get to drool on my [...]

It’s very easy to take certain things for granted. Here in Seattle we’re often so focused on traveling down to Mt Rainier, or somewhere in the Cascades, or maybe over the Cascades for some high desert warmth, that we often forget about this relatively small chunk of paradise to our west. Of course everything is [...]

I could visit Mt Rainier every day of the week, rain or shine, summer or winter and I’d never get bored. It’s simply a stunning mountain that offers such a huge diversity of terrain, flora and fauna that one, especially a photographer, can never grow weary of it’s immense size and minute details. So here’s [...]

I’ve said it before and I’ll say again: we (those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest) are blessed with so much natural beauty within relatively easy reach, that it can be really difficult to decide where to go on the weekends. Do we go sea kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, backcountry skiing…ah, the choices! [...]

Ok, so I’ve never actually been lost in North Cascades National Park, but it wouldn’t be hard. With only one road, Highway 20, slicing the park in half, it encompasses nearly 685,000 acres. It’s huge, it’s beautiful and some sections are very remote. We won’t be getting lost, but tomorrow my my fiancee and I [...]

I will admit I’m a bit of a brat when it comes to my idea of what an ‘adventure’ is. Despite living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and having the mighty Pacific ocean on one side, towering mountains on the other and pristine lakes in between, I often find myself [...]

…which unfortunately I did not find but admittedly it’s hard to go wrong when exploring the flanks of this mighty mountain. For three days I wandered around Spray Park, a relatively easy hike into the alpine that offers close-up views of the north side of Mt Rainier. Hoping to find that idyllic scene where wildflowers [...]