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You’ve seen it many times before, in magazines, calendars and postcards. A surreal-looking sun sinking below the horizon or sliding behind a mountain peak, streaks of light emanating from the center. Last time I checked, I didn’t think those streaks were natural, so how did the photographer do this? You might be thinking a fancy [...]

Spring has officially arrived. Sure it may, and most likely will, leave us shortly, but let’s enjoy it while it’s here. A couple Seattle pictures, shot from the bike, the ferry and the sea kayak. View more Seattle pictures and photos of the surrounding area. Fine art prints are for sale.

Cape Cod doesn’t get to experience the same vibrant colors of fall the rest of New England does; that doesn’t mean it’s isn’t worth visiting. Matter of fact, the Cape is a beautiful place this time of year, especially as the crowds dissipate, leaving the beaches empty, the roads perfect for cycling and the many [...]

I’ve heard it before, really, as I’m sure anyone who has paddled in ocean swells and prefers the aroma of salty air over the rush of white-water, has too. Mention the word sea kayaking to anyone who has never actually done it, and I’m sure you’ll get a similar response. Little do they know how [...]

I was just going through some old photographs and came across some scanned sea kayaking pictures from a trip back in 2000 with the Outdoor Program at the University of Oregon. The 17-day paddle, from Loreto to La Paz in Baja, Mexico, was truly an epic. This was probably my first big adventure. For the [...]