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It feels good to give back. I’m currently in the process of framing this beautiful Mt Rainier photo for this weekend’s Lunafest film festival here in Seattle. I’m always happy to consider donating a framed photo, so feel free to contact me if you’re a business or individual raising money for a cause. For a [...]

I could visit Mt Rainier every day of the week, rain or shine, summer or winter and I’d never get bored. It’s simply a stunning mountain that offers such a huge diversity of terrain, flora and fauna that one, especially a photographer, can never grow weary of it’s immense size and minute details. So here’s [...]

Trees rule the Pacific Northwest. If you’ve never been to Olympic National Park or Mt Rainier, you owe yourself a visit. Because once you get there you’ll wonder why on earth we have this desire to continue hacking away at our ancient forests.

…which unfortunately I did not find but admittedly it’s hard to go wrong when exploring the flanks of this mighty mountain. For three days I wandered around Spray Park, a relatively easy hike into the alpine that offers close-up views of the north side of Mt Rainier. Hoping to find that idyllic scene where wildflowers [...]