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Ok, so it may be a bit earlier to ski Mt Rainier (at least from the summit) but I can’t help but think spring ski touring is right around the corner. Of course, if you were out last weekend enjoying the deepest snow of the year, spring feels a long long ways away. Making the [...]

Depending on who you ask, the weather in the Pacific NW has either been really nice (lots of sun), or really crappy (little snow.) Regardless, the goods are still out there. This backcountry ski photo was shot during an epic week-long trip to the Fairy Meadows hut in the Selkirk mountains of British Columbia. Making [...]

What a finicky winter we’re having here in the Pacific NW. Early on we had more snow then we knew what to do with. Last weekend, for this ski tour to Harding Mountain, we enjoyed spring-like corn near the summit and about 4-6 inches of hoar-frost powder in the valley and more shaded spots. Harding [...]

Sometimes you forget why. The other day I was reminded. Below is a photographic journey into the central Washington Cascades for a day of backcountry skiing.

Everywhere else in the Washington Cascades was dry. Overcast skies, minimal amounts of precipitation. Little did we know, or expect, that our trip deep into the backcountry of the central Washington Cascades was experiencing near blizzard conditions. Not that this was necessarily a bad thing. Washington State isn’t doing very well with snow right now. [...]

Below you’ll find a growing selection of backcountry skiing photos, all of which are available as fine art photography prints. Watch a slide show of these images

I just posted a quick update on our trip up to Whistler on backcountryskiphotos.com. No ski touring was had, but we did manage to spend a bit of time skate skiing at the new Olympic Park nordic center. And, I was able to capture this one shot before the weather turned, again.

The first ski tour of the year is always filled with a bit of anxiety. Like any other adventure, you’re constantly doing a mental checklist of gear on the drive, despite making the effort beforehand (even the night before!) that everything you need is in good working condition and ready to go. I laid all [...]

Just wanted to post a quick update about a sister-site I’m in the process of developing. The website, dubbed, creatively, www.backcountryskiphotos.com, is something I’m working on for displaying backcountry ski photos from myself as well as others. There are also links and videos about avalanche education, stories etc. Furthermore, I’ll be offering the option to [...]

For those of you who live in the Seattle area, next Saturday, Nov 8th, is the NW Snow & Avalanche Snow Summit. The day consists of talks from various folks in the know about avalanches (Martin Volken from Pro Guiding Service for example), ski touring in the Cascades and, for all you backcountry skiers, some [...]

I’ve heard it before, really, as I’m sure anyone who has paddled in ocean swells and prefers the aroma of salty air over the rush of white-water, has too. Mention the word sea kayaking to anyone who has never actually done it, and I’m sure you’ll get a similar response. Little do they know how [...]

It was quite difficult for me to stand by and watch as the gun went off during this past springs Spearhead Passage Backcountry Ski Race at the Whistler Backcountry Freeride Jam. I’m typically not the one to watch such epic events. Fortunately, some last minute networking with the media folks found me arriving atop Whistler [...]