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Sometimes you forget why. The other day I was reminded. Below is a photographic journey into the central Washington Cascades for a day of backcountry skiing.

My wife and I left Seattle on Saturday. 14 hours later we were in Salt Lake City. Day one, skiing at Alta. Day two, skate skiing at Solitude. Day three, a backcountry ski tour up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This morning, drove to Steamboat Springs, CO. For the next four days I’ll be dividing my time [...]

Below is a short list of landscape and nature pictures available as panoramic prints. Fine art prints are available as 5×15, 9×18, 10×20, 12×24 and, when possible, 10×30. Please contact me if you are interested! CLICK HERE to watch a slideshow of these panoramic photos To view print pricing, see our Pricing Page

Below you’ll find a growing selection of backcountry skiing photos, all of which are available as fine art photography prints. Watch a slide show of these images

For those of you who live in the Seattle area, next Saturday, Nov 8th, is the NW Snow & Avalanche Snow Summit. The day consists of talks from various folks in the know about avalanches (Martin Volken from Pro Guiding Service for example), ski touring in the Cascades and, for all you backcountry skiers, some [...]

Well maybe not, but it’s hard not to feel it in the air these days. Mornings are crisp and cool, snow levels are dropping (well sort of…I think the top of Mt Rainier may have had a dusting recently) and a friend of mine in Whitefish just sent some hiking photos from Glacier National Park [...]